Tips On Choosing From The Various Granite Countertops Available On The Market

When going shopping for granite countertops for your kitchen cabinets, a less knowledgeable owner may find themselves getting lost in the lingo and the amount of information and options they are suddenly bombed with.

For this reason, it is better to do your homework beforehand – if you can befriend your supplier, the better: that way, you will be comfortable asking him all the questions you can think of in helping you choose the granite you desire for your kitchen cabinets.


If unsure, ask for professional advice

Like with any acquisition you make for your home, taking into account the cost of the materials, as well as the cutting process and the installation of the actual piece of granite will be preferable – if you do not feel confident stepping into the world of slab, you can also talk to a specialist or better yet, your supplier and ask him to give you an estimate including any possible costs that may incur during the process of choosing and installing the granite.


Make sure to know the terms and the names of various granite rocks

Prior to going “hunting” for granite countertops, take a quick peek on the internet and get some information on the terms you may encounter in your endeavors. For example, a piece of granite with a pattern that leaves the impression of flowing lines is called “japurana”; a yellow granite is called “giallo” – pay attention to the language used to described various types of “granite” and you will avoid possible embarrassment due to your lack of knowledge.

Mandura Gold, a type of Indian granite, is very popular thanks to the great deal of movements inside the rock; Brazilian granite is also beautiful and rich in movement inside the structure. Be aware that the names can vary depending on the supplier and always make sure to gather as many reviews you can on a type of slab prior to deciding to buy it.

Focus on natural, not dyed

Avoid pieces of granite that have been dyed and focus instead on getting a natural hue, created by nature. Although you may not get that out worldly color of blue, you may still enjoy a shade which is pleasing to the eyes and more eco-friendly. Keep in mind that the scarcer the material you want to get, the higher the costs, so focus on getting a good deal and being natural rather than trying to impress.  Avoid dyed slab if possible, by making your purchase from countries in which granite is a common occurrence.  Builders supply Denver companies are quite often known for their quality products.

The key is to start planning early

Many homeowners fall into the trap of leaving granite shopping till after the kitchen is done and remodeled; therefore they end up purchasing from among the slabs that they can find at the time and usually pay more than they use. If you start your search for the perfect granite countertop early, you have a higher chance of getting the stone you want at an acceptable price.