What Do Crime Scene Clean-up Companies Do?

Crime scene cleanup companies are businesses that specialize in the removal of blood, bodily fluids and other materials and substances that are considered to be dangerous for the health of anyone using or spending time in the contaminated space. However, crime scenes are only one type of premises that these specialized cleanup companies handle – due to the wide range of materials that these companies handle and the variety of the situations for which they are needed, crime scene cleanup companies are also commonly referred to as biohazard cleanup services. Here are some of the most common events that crime scene cleanup companies are hired for.

The Sites of Crimes, Violent Accidents and Other Traumatic Events

One of the core activities of these specialized cleaning companies is the cleaning and sanitization of locations where some sort of violent event that resulted in the spilling of and contamination with blood and other bodily fluids. when hired for these situations, the crime scene cleanup team will wait until the forensic specialists have collected the evidence they need for the investigation, then they will determine the substances and devices needed for the cleaning process. Crime scene cleanup companies work with special chemicals and high capacity devices that ensure not only the efficient removal of visible stains, but also the complete sanitization of the affected area with the purpose of restoring it to the state before the crime.

crime scene cleanup

Clean Up and Decontamination for Other Types Of Biohazard

Blood and bodily fluids are just a few of the materials considered to be biohazard substances. Feces, rotting animal carcasses, bacteria and viruses are also on the list, crime site cleanup companies handle these contaminants and pathogens as well. The methods and the substances they used is different with each situation, the best technique being selected based on the type of the contaminants to be eliminated as well as based on the features of the premises that need to be sanitized.

What is common to all these situations, however, is that crime scene cleanup specialists use their wide range of professional knowledge to ensure the safety of the premises during the decontamination and cleaning process as well as the safety and security of everyone involved, including the members of the clean-up stuff, by requiring them to use specialized personal protective equipment.

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a phenomenon that can be encountered more frequently than most people would think. The urge to collect all sorts of items that are not used and the lack of regular cleaning can transform any building into a biohazard and in some cases, hiring professionals for the cleanup process is the only way to restore the safety of the buildings as well as of the residents of the buildings affected.

The process of hoarding cleanup starts with the removal of the items accumulated in the rooms, followed by the disposal of the items that are so severely contaminated that they can no longer be savaged and by the thorough cleanup of the rooms with the help of high capacity devices and industry grade cleaning materials.