The Most Important Advantages of Buying a Used Skid Steer

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A skid steer is relatively small and easy to maneuver piece of construction equipment, a machine that is primarily used for excavation purposes, being especially useful in areas that would be difficult to navigate for a full-size excavator. Available in varieties that run on four wheels as well as in variants that use two tracks, skid steers are also versatile, offering the option to attach a variety of accessories to perform special digging jobs as well as landscaping tasks, the suitability of these machines for such a wide range of tasks being one of the qualities that make them so indispensable for construction and landscaping companies of any size.

Skid steers, like any construction equipment are quite expensive when purchased directly from the factory, but fortunately, contractors have a great alternative at their disposal: to look for a secondhand machine. Here are some of the most important advantages of buying a used skid steer that you should know about.

Affordability, of course

One of the most important and also most obvious benefits of purchasing secondhand construction equipment, including skid steers, is the reduced price. As you can expect, used skid steers are cheaper than new ones, giving your company the much-needed cash that you can use for extending your business in other areas. The savings that your company can benefit from with a secondhand piece of machinery can easily be in the range of thousands.

Aspects Related to Depreciation

As you probably know, a new car loses around 10-20% of its value the second it leaves the factory. The same goes for skid steers as well, but the depreciation slows down after the first year. Fortunately, that depreciation affects the buying price and not the quality of the equipment; a second-hand machine can give you the same durable and reliable performance as a brand-new machine ordered directly from the manufacturer, but the buying price will be much more convenient. Used construction equipment also loses value more slowly than new machines.

Aspects Related to Warranty

If you buy your secondhand skid steer from an authorized dealer, you will benefit from warranty as well. The conditions might be slightly different than the warranty conditions you receive with a brand-new piece of equipment, but the differences are usually not considerable.

A Wide Selection to Choose From

If you make up your mind to purchase a used skid steer for sale Colorado residents say you will also have the benefit of a much wider selection of machines to choose from. The market of used skid steers is varied and wide, with models in various sizes and ages as well as from a variety of brands available.

Aspects Related to the Protection of the Environment

Buying a second-hand skid steer is a responsible decision from an environmental point of view. Buying a piece of equipment that has been manufactured some time ago, rather than ordering a new machine from a manufacturer, is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your company’s activities as well as to reduce the environmental footprint of the projects that you use your skid steer for.