Avoid These Common Mistakes with Your Commercial Roof

The roof on your commercial building is essential for your business for many reasons – it is the building component that protects your building from the elements from the top and that will ensure your building’s temperature balance and energy efficiency the entire year around. The roof is also a building component that many building owners pay no or very little attention to and one that is the most affected by bad building management decisions. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid with your commercial roof.

Improper Installation

Incorrect or unsafe installation is among the most common mistakes that might lead to the premature damage of the roof and the resulting disruption of business operations as well as to damage in corporate assets. Many business owners consider roof installation to be a simple and straightforward process – you must know that  it is everything but, therefore commercial roofs need to be installed by professionals, possibly by roofers who specialize in the roof type and roofing material of choice.

Roofing Materials that Are Not of the Right Quality

Whatever type of roofing material you choose, it is probably available in multiple quality categories. Getting a new roof for your commercial facility is a large investment, but you should never cut corners when it comes to quality – materials of higher quality come with a heftier price tag, that is true, but you should always aim for top quality to get top results.

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Neglecting Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential roofing task, yet it is one that is neglected by many owners or managers in charge of commercial buildings. The process is simple, it usually involves semi-annual inspections and cleaning of the roof and of the adjacent parts and accessories, such as the gutters, the downspouts and the vents, preferably performed by a professional roofer, followed by the repair of any issue detected by your roofer during the inspection.

Commercial roofing Kansas City contractors explain that the application of roof coatings should also be part of your roof maintenance program. These coatings are used for extending the life of the roof by enhancing its resistance to water penetration, UV radiation and other types of weather-related damage. Most of them need to be applied every couple of years to maintain the efficiency of the protection provided.

The inspection of the trees around your building is also something that must be done every couple of months, especially if you have large old trees with limbs overhanging the roof and if your building is located in a windy region that poses the heightened risk of tree damage.

Neglecting Repairs

Buckets can be placed under the leak in the ceiling to prevent water damage to your carpets and they might be used again and again, whenever it rains, but they do not fix the leak. Any roofing issue is ideally remedied soon after it is detected – that is the only way to prevent the fault from becoming more severe (even the smallest leak can turn into a huge fissure almost overnight). The best way to ensure durable repairs is to hire a professional for the process – the issue that affects your roof might require professional tools and special materials, so amateur repairs should be avoided.

How To Price Your New Fence

Having a strong, new fence installed is a great investment into the value of your property by improving its curb appeal as well as its level of security. One of the most important aspects of getting the perfect new fence is budgeting for the fence – and staying within that budget, too. Here are a few tips to make the calculation easier and more accurate.

Consider Material Prices

One of the principle factors that will determine the money that you will need to put into your new Denver fence is the material that you choose. You will need to pick the material considering many factors, including functionality, aesthetics, durability and ownership costs that comprise maintenance and repair costs. If you need a fence that fulfills mainly an aesthetic role, you will need to invest into materials that can offer the desired visual appeal, such as iron, wood, masonry, aluminum or composite or you can opt for a green fence created using shrubs. All these materials are very durable, but make relatively high-priced solutions.

If your fence needs to fulfill only a role of protecting the security of your perimeters, you can use a less expensive, yet very durable material, such as barbed wire or chicken wire.

How much you will need to pay on your fencing materials also depends on the size of the area that needs to be fenced around and the supplier from which you source the materials. Obviously, the larger the area to be surrounded with your new fence, the larger the total amount to be paid, but most suppliers are willing to offer discounts on large orders and not all suppliers practice the same prices, so it is worth shopping around.

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Consider Labor Fees

Some fencing materials can be installed even by people who don’t have previous fencing experience, while others need to be installed by professionals. The materials that come in ready-made panels and need only the installation of posts, such as chain-link, composite panels and vinyl fencing belong to the first category, while wood, masonry, stone veneer, aluminum and cast iron belong to the latter.

If you need the services of professional Denver fence installers, it is a good idea to contact several contractors and to request cost estimates for the job to be able to pick the most suitable company. Many contractors can also help you with great material prices (fencing material manufacturers usually offer discounted prices to their preferred contractors and the majority of these contractors are willing to offer their clients discounts, too) and the cost estimates will also include a detailed list of the various tasks involved as well as the associated fees.

Consider Long-Term Costs

The calculation of your overall costs of your fence will need to include long-term maintenance and repair costs. While the simple materials, such as chain-link, require hardly any maintenance, wood, iron, masonry and stone veneer will need regular cleaning, inspections to detect any damage, repairs and the regular application of protective coatings that improve the fence’s resistance to the elements.

Should You Hire A Neighborhood Parker Roofing Company?

Parker roofing project

Finding the perfect Parker roofing contractor for your roofing project is no small feat – small wonder that many people feel overwhelmed by the task. The process requires lots of decisions to be made, one of the first and most important ones being the geographical location of the contractor. While today’s homeowners can choose to hire building contractors, including roofers, from remote regions, even states other their own state of residence, working with a roofer from your own neighborhood does come with important benefits. Here are some.

Lower Costs

If your roofer will handle the material purchase process as well, the closer your roofer is located, the lower the costs related to material deliver will be. Many roofers also charge a per mile fee for commuting between their company headquarters and the roofing site, so the shorter the distance between the roofer’s office and your building, the lower the related expense. Given that no extensive commuting is involved with local roofers also means that your roofing project can be completed faster and as you know, time is money, so less time means lower project costs.

In-Depth Knowledge of Local Features

Local Parker roofers know their territory better than any remote company could. They can advise about the roofing materials that work best in your geographical area, that are the best choices in terms of local climate conditions and they also possess in-depth knowledge of local building codes, so your local roofer can make sure that you will have permits for everything that needs authorization.

Easier Communication

It is usually easier to communicate with local roofers and the problems that might crop up during a major roofing project can also be solved more efficiently if you work with a roofer from your own neighborhood. Just imagine that a strong storm comes when your new roof is only half finished and you see the foil applied on your roof to cover it being swept off by the wind. If you work with a roofer from a remote location, your roofing team will probably take hours to arrive and fix the issue, but if your roofer is just a couple of streets away, the problem can be fixed very quickly.

Reputation is Easier to Verify

Local Parker roofers cannot afford to have a tainted reputation, therefore hiring a roofer from your own neighborhood is great for guaranteeing the trustworthiness of your roofer. As you should not rely solely on such trust, you should still check the roofer candidate’s reputation by asking around among the people you know as well as by checking what previous customers say about the contractor. Local references are also easier to check than remote ones – all you need to do if you want to see the roofs previously installed by the contractor you want to hire is to get in your car and drive around the neighborhood (choose a Saturday morning, when people are outside, working in their front yard or garden and you can talk to them to get first-hand information about the roofer’s services).

Steel Buildings Advantages

Below are some of the main benefits of utilizing steel buildings for your next project.


– Quick and Easy To Erect
There are several steel buildings Colorado companies who  offer steel buildings in the form of pre-engineered steel structures. These can be delivered directly to the site where you intend to have the building erected for quick assembling.

– Versatile
Steel buildings are available with panels that are easily adjustable so you can change the size of each unit as per individual requirements. These will allow for easier expansion than in traditional building construction methods

– Strong
Steel buildings, since they are made of steel, can withstand the most severe weather conditions like hurricanes, high winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes. They are also resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting.

– Cost-effective
Though steel buildings can be pricey, it is much more cost effective than traditional building methods since it has a reduced risk of fire and is easy to maintain.

– Environment-Friendly
Using steel as building materials will do the entire environment a huge favor by saving those trees in our forests. Aside from these, steel building frames can be recycled so there is no need to cut more trees for expansion or remodeling. Hope you find these tips helpful on your next project.

How Do I Remove Mold From Drywall?

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Whether you have never had mold in your home or you simply want to make sure that it will never be a problem again, we have some tips on how to remove it from drywall, prevent its formation and keep your home healthy:

  • Ventilate – the ventilation of the house helps to eliminate the humidity and implicitly prevents the appearance of mold and moisture. It is advisable to ventilate each room at least twice a day, but if you can do it more often, do not hesitate.
  • Keep your home clean – Do not allow dirt to accumulate in the kitchen. Avoid storing perishables products for too long and make sure to clean your dirty stoves or oven, as well as the walls stained with grease (fat helps to develop mold). Products that have mold can spread the spores and it should not be too difficult for them to find another good place in a dirty kitchen.
  • Keep an eye on your bathroom – Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is the most susceptible to the appearance of mold, because often the ventilation is insufficient for a space where humidity is intensely generated. We recommend that after each shower/ bath you ventilate the room very. Also, do not leave wet towels in the bathroom and do not use textile carpets – rubber or plastic carpets are more suitable because they do not retain water. If, however, the bathroom is still damp, we recommend installing a powerful fan able to quickly aerate the room and remove the moisture.
  • Avoid wrong habits! – Do not dry the laundry in the house, do not keep too many indoor plants and do not wet them excessively.
  • If you are in the finishing phase of a home renovation, this is a good time to make sure the walls are well dried before adding the insulation and the finishes. Otherwise, the humidity will be trapped in the walls and will produce mold. There are materials such as insulation, anti-mold additives or other elements designed to prevent the appearance of mold.

How to get rid of mold – traditional methods

  • Regular mold removing solutions that can be found in most specialized stores.
  • Eco-friendly solutions – there are numerous natural solutions that can also help you get rid of mold from drywall, based on citrus seeds, clove oil, sodium bicarbonate combined with water, or tea tree oil.
  • Homemade solutions – Here is a good recipe:

Mix 100ml water, 100ml vinegar, 10ml hydrogen peroxide, one squeezed lemon and 5 teaspoons of baking soda. Use a sprayer to apply this solution to the wall and clean the wall only after a few hours. Repeat if necessary.

Using a dehumidifier – a durable, fast, efficient and professional solution against mold

It is quite clear that moisture is the primary cause of mold. If you remove moisture, you remove the mold. The normal indoor humidity level should be somewhere between 45% and 55%. We recommend using a professional humidity meter to get the most accurate data. If the humidity level exceeds 60%, the risk of mold formation is already very high.

In this case, we recommend the use of a dehumidifier which will reduce the humidity and help eliminating the existent mold.

Sometimes, due to extreme water damage, mold cannot be mitigated using DIY methods. For extreme mold problems, rely on professional mold remediation Denver experts. Your health will depend on it!

How A Roof Coating Can Help Protect Your Commercial Roof

Commercial Roofing Contractors Applying Roof Coating

If you run your business from a commercial facility, you probably know that maintaining the property, especially its most expensive component, the roof is a constant struggle that incurs high expenses as well. Fortunately, there are many great and affordable ways to preserve the condition of your commercial roofing, regularly applying a suitable roof coating product being the best method. To enable your roof to take all the beating from the elements, from heat and solar radiation to freezing temperatures and excessive rain, here is how a suitably applied and refreshed roof coat can protect your roof and with it, your entire commercial building.

What is, in fact, Roof Coating?

Commercial roof coating is a material in liquid form that is applied on top of the roof to form a uniform, resistant and durable membrane that prevents the direct exposure of the roofing material to sun, rain and snow and enhances its resistance to temperature variations. Available coating products can be divided into two types: solvent-based materials, such as silicones and urethane products and water-based coatings, such as acrylic. While solvent-based products are generally known to be more durable, they are also more expensive, while water-based materials are cheaper and less smelly, but they also last shorter.

The Benefits of Roof Coating

The performance of your commercial roofing can be very efficiently enhanced with the right type of coating – here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Prolonged lifespan – commercial roofs are strong and long-lived structures, but the right type of roof coating can prolong that lifespan by up to a decade;
  • Improved energy-efficiency – many coating products have reflective properties that prevent the roof from absorbing solar heat, thus protecting the roof and reducing the energy needed to cool the air underneath the roof during daytime hours;
  • Better looks – coating products come in a wide range of colors, making aesthetic improvements easy and affordable;
  • Leak prevention – roof coating products offer an excellent waterproofing solution as well, preventing the premature deterioration of the roof because of the accumulation of ponding water;
  • Corrosion and rust prevention – metal roofs and the metal flashing used around roof openings are prone to developing rust and corrosion, especially if the surface of the metal component is bare or the old coating is damaged. A fresh layer of protective coat prevents both rust and corrosion, thus prolonging the lifespan of metal roofing elements.

How to Apply the New Coating on Your Commercial Roof

The first re-coating process should ideally take place 5-10 years after the installation of the roof, depending on the condition of the roof and the harshness of the environmental circumstances that the roof is exposed to. The coating process needs to be repeated every 5-10 years by professional Chicago commercial roofing contractors to maintain the protective qualities of the protective layer.

The first steps in the application of roof coating are roof cleaning, inspection and repair – only a roof that is in perfect condition can be coated, so all the impurities need to be removed and all the problems need to be fixed before applying the coating layer. Coating products can be applied from a spray can or with the help of a roller and its efficiency is usually enhanced with some fiber-based material to reinforce the most sensitive areas of the roof, such as the flashings and the roof penetrations.




Recommendations For Basement Windows

Basement Denver Replacment Windows

Why do basements need windows? First, basement ventilation is the key to preventing mold formation in your home and getting moisture trapped inside, affecting the quality of the air you breathe and the thermal comfort. Basements are places that may contain dangerous contaminants; the lack of proper ventilation will allow these contaminants and smells to spread in your entire home. Because of their underground location, moisture penetrates more easily the floor and walls. When this cold humidity collides with warm air, condensation occurs. As such, more than any other rooms in the house, the basement is prone to moisture problems, mold growth and other indoor pollutants. Some of these are toxic and dangerous to the occupants’ health.

The basement is also commonly used for storing household chemicals. Paints, solvents, automotive products and cleaning products slowly release chemicals into the air. In an unventilated space, these chemicals accumulate and produce a toxic environment. Ventilation of the basement evacuates polluted or dirty air and allows fresh air in, therefore home owners are advised to ensure a constant flow of clean air through installation of adequate windows for their basement.

Most of the time, natural ventilation is sufficient for ensuring thermal comfort and adequate air quality in your basement, but it depends on the windows. Natural ventilation uses air currents, but this type of ventilation works only for basements with strategically located windows that can be opened and closed easily.

But basement windows are not only about ensuring proper ventilation; they also provide the natural light needed in addition to the artificial light, to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.


Factors to consider when choosing windows for your basement

In the process of installing basement windows, it is necessary to consider various factors that will directly affect the durability and efficiency of the chosen products. The main aspect in this case is that the windows will be located relatively close to the ground level (10-20 cm), so they will have to withstand external influences, especially a high level of humidity.

Basement Denver replacement windows are not like other windows in your home, so do not be fooled into believing that you can install any type of window. Basement windows are specially designed to fit in the existing conditions. They are smaller compared to other windows and there are local codes to be respected. For example, a basement window is typically required to have a height of at least 24 inches and a width of 20 inches, with an opening of at least 5.7 to allow occupants to escape in an emergency situation, or to allow a fully equipped firefighter to enter from outside.

It is necessary to regularly clean and wash the glass, as any contamination of its surface leads to a 60% block of light penetration. In addition, white profiles will reflect a larger amount of natural light.

Basement windows made of PVC are considered the most popular. Nowadays, anyone can opt for PVC basement windows, as they are affordable and can increase the light by 10-15% without losing their thermal properties. It is not advisable to use a wood profile for the basement windows because of its constant exposure to moisture.



Why Should You Buy a Used Forklift?

Forklifts are used in warehouses all around the world to load/unload trucks and organize palletized merchandize on shelves. If you run a distribution or warehouse management business, you definitely must have a number of forklifts for everyday operations.

How Much Money Do You Want to Spend on a Forklift?

The answer is, of course, as little as possible. However, when you think of the importance of this investment, the long useful life of a forklift and the benefits of being the first owner, you would be tempted to dig deep in your available capital to buy new forklifts.

But is it really a wise investment for your business? If you were the CEO of a large corporation, you would probably not be reading this article. Since you are reading it, chances are you have a small or medium sized business and you rely on a limited budget.

This is why you should explore the benefits of looking for them at used forklifts Denver suppliers. Beside the obvious advantage – a lower price – you will get other significant benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Easier to Operate

In order to justify the premium price, manufacturers equip new forklifts with lots of gadgets and functions. Some of the dashboards of latest forklift models are full of touch pads, pushbuttons and joysticks. It would take your employees quite a lot of time to become familiarized with all these functions and operate the forklift correctly.

By comparison, a used forklift is simpler and more straightforward in operation. Most of your employees probably got their initial job training on one of these models. Thus, there will be no downtime in your operations while your team learns how to use the equipment.

  1. Clear Maintenance Procedure

Have you seen the user manual for a new forklift? It looks the size of a book and it is full of complex instructions for preventive care and maintenance. As machines incorporate more and more new technologies, they become more sensitive and need special care.

A used forklift already comes with a set of instructions from past maintenance checks. The handbook of the equipment has the full track record of maintenance works, preventive care activities and repairs performed on it. All you have to do is continue doing what the previous owner did and your forklift will be in good working conditions for years to come.

  1. Faster Delivery after Purchase

New forklift models take a lot of time to ship. Manufacturers usually send them in batches, so you will probably have to wait a few weeks until you receive your order. But a few weeks’ break in your business activities is not feasible – you would lose sales and client accounts.

Used forklifts, by comparison, are readily available to ship as soon as you have concluded the contract with the dealer. In a few days, your workers are ready to load and unload merchandize and you will be able to fulfill all the contractual obligations on time.

used forklifts Denver

  1. A Wider Range of Choices

If you are shopping for new forklifts, you have fewer models to choose from. Some of them are outside your budget range (and too advanced for your needs, as well). Thus, you do not really have a lot of choice.

Used forklifts for sale come from various years of manufacturing and series of the same model. Thus, you can find a forklift that offers you the best cost/benefit ratio based on its age, brand and range of functions.

Aspects that Influence Steel Building Prices – What to Factor in When You Do the Maths

If you have heard about the great benefits of prefabricated steel buildings and you are currently looking for practical information related to steel building prices and vendor types, you must know that prices can vary widely not only depending on the type and the size of the building, but also from one supplier to the other as steel constructions are available from different types of vendors. In what follows we would like to provide a short guide about the building-related factors that influence pricing and a quick account of the types of vendors you can turn to.

Building-related Factors

Size, accessories, location and building type are the most important factors that determine the price at the level of the building itself:

–    the larger the building that you need, the larger the investment, even though the price per square is usually lower for larger buildings,
–    the accessories such as the doors, the windows and other similar elements will also influence the price of your building – you can either choose to buy these elements from the supplier of your building or you can purchase them separately,
–    the geographical properties of the construction site will also determine the final costs – if you need a very deep foundation for the construction or if the local climate and the scope of usage calls for special insulation, these will all add to the investment,
–    in terms of available types, steel buildings come in two main prefabricated forms: straight-walled constructions that consist of trusses that comprise the side walls and arched structures, also called Quonset buildings that allow for more variations in terms of style and are considerably cheaper that straight-walled systems.

Other Aspects that Influence Pricing

Steel buildings are often called kits because they are delivered in the form of prefabricated panels and connecting elements that can be assembled in a DIY fashion, allowing you to save a lot on labor costs. You can further reduce overall costs if you handle the delivery yourself.

There are, however, cost types that cannot be avoided, therefore you must include them into your calculations:

–    the cost of permits to start and complete the construction,
–    electricity, heating and plumbing,
–    Insulation – not compulsory for all steel buildings, but recommended, whatever the scope of usage, because steel panels do not provide thermal protection and they are not barriers in front of moisture either.
Types of Vendors

Steel buildings are available directly from the manufacturer, from brokers and from general contractors as well. It is usually the manufacturer companies that offer the best steel building prices, but using a broker or a contractor is probably more comfortable, though a bit more expensive as both will add their own margin to the manufacturer’s price. Brokers usually collect several offers from different manufacturers, and therefore they can provide you with more options, while general contractors are the best solution if you need an expert to handle your construction project from the initial purchasing phase through delivery and complete, turn-key assembly.

Denver Fence Repair Companies and Their Great and Affordable Services

If the fence around your Denver home is damaged or looks battered, if there are holes in it or the material it is made from shows other signs of damage, Denver fence repair companies can efficiently restore the curb appeal of your property as well as the functionality of your defense line – here is how they work.


The Fence Repair Process


Denver fence repair companies use advanced technologies to provide the best service possible. They start the repair process by evaluating the condition of your fence, followed by the issuing of a written cost estimate that you as the client will have to accept – the costs included in the estimate will depend on the type of the operations necessary for the repair as well as on material of your fence and its state of repair.


The actual repair work will start with cleaning – whatever the material and the condition of the fence, the repair technician will need a clean surface to be able to continue the work. Most fences are made from resistant materials covered in weather-tight coating, but even so, the chemicals used for the cleaning will be selected based on the material the fence is made from. When the fence is clean, the technician will continue by removing the components that need to be replaced, if any, and by installing the new elements.


When that phase is complete as well, the technician will paint or stain the new components to make them look like the rest of the fence or will remove the paint from the entire fence and apply new paint on all the components. In many cases, more than one layer of coating is necessary, with at least one layer that protects the fence against weather-related damage such as rot in the case of wood fences and rust in the case of metal fences.


Other Services Provided by Denver Fence Companies


Many fence companies provide installation and maintenance services for commercial as well.  A commercial fence company Denver offers will provide some of the best fencing options.  They can help you choose the fence material that best suits your requirements and your possibilities, they will install the fence for you and they will also maintain your fence. If you need fence installation, your contractor will make sure the fence design complies with all regulations and the installation process is carried out professionally, respecting manufacturer specifications and all installation guidelines for the fence panels and the foundation, if necessary.


Maintenance is usually done two times a year, once in spring and then again before winter and it usually involves inspection, cleaning and small repairs for problems that have appeared since the last inspection. The paint is also refreshed and any sign of rot or rust is removed. 


What makes Denver fence companies so great is not only the quality of the work done and the professionalism, but also affordability. Installation, repair and maintenance services are all provided in a timely manner, respecting deadlines and schedules, using professional materials and tools and all these benefits are available for fees that will give you the most beautiful fence in the neighborhood without ruining your budget.